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Have Makarov for sale? Email me: piotreknyc@aol.com


Looking for Makarov pistols

I’m looking for any pistol chambered for 9X18 Makarov. If you have one and you are trying to sell it, I’ll pay up to 80% […]

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Heckler & Koch


Looking for Heckler & Koch pistols

I’m looking for Heckler & Koch pistols: HK USP, PSP, P7 Series, SP89 and rifles including HK91 and 94. I pay top $$$ for the […]

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Have Pre-WWII Radom for sale? Email me: piotreknyc@aol.com


Looking for Pre-WWII Radom VIS

I’m looking for Polish Radom VIS pistols, preferably pre-war models. I will pay top $$$ for excellent condition models. Can’t ship the firearm? No problem! […]

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If you have Dan Wesson pistols for sale, please, email me: piotreknyc@aol.com


Looking for Dan Wesson 1911 pistols!

I’m looking for Dan Wesson 1911 pistols. Top dollars for 95% PLUS condition guns! If you can’t come to see me, I’ll drive or fly […]

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Beretta Billennium


Looking for Beretta Billennium

I’m looking for Beretta 92 Billennium semi-automatic pistol.  Local pickup or shipped to my FFL dealer. Serious inquiries only!

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Walther Pistols


Looking for Walther pistols

I’m looking for all Walther pistols. Local pickup or shipped to my FFL dealer. Serious inquiries only!

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Another great show with a great PICS problem

Gun Shows March 11, 2013

Oaks Gun Show turned out to be fantastic for gun dealers as well as for buyers, but only those who had patience to deal with PICS (Pennsylvania Instant Check System). Dealers and potential buyers redialing from numerous phones and waiting for hours just to get through have become part of the procedure. No surprise after busy Friday afternoon PICS got shot down on Saturday morning and started working again around noon. I was thrilled to hear a busy signal instead of “Technical Dificulties” message…

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