Another great show with a great PICS problem

Oaks Gun Show turned out to be fantastic for gun dealers as well as for buyers, but only those who had patience to deal with PICS (Pennsylvania Instant Check System). Dealers and potential buyers redialing from numerous phones and waiting for hours just to get through have become part of the procedure. No surprise after busy Friday afternoon PICS got shot down on Saturday morning and started working again around noon. I was thrilled to hear a busy signal instead of “Technical Dificulties” message…

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1716 total views, 1 today


2 Responses to “Another great show with a great PICS problem”

  1. I’m really glad the system seems to be working fine now, but the gun sales are not close to what they were last year at the same time. I think it’s all caused by the shortage and escalated prices of ammo. 22LR prices doubled since last year. If you’re lucky to find a box.

  2. Déjà vu… Another great show at Oaks, PA. Only problem: PICS (Pennsylvania Impossible to Connect System). Busy busy busy… And rumors start, that Anti-gun activists keep dialing to keep the phone lines busy… How frustrating. Well, we’ve got news for you! Now you can do the background check over the internet. Dealers! Bring your fully charged laptops, connect to Wi-Fi and start selling them guns instead of pretending to be grumpy telemarketers!!!
    Nothing makes me more happy than short “what a great show” from satisfied FFL dealer…

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